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His role is greater in the first two seasons, but that time’s enough to get you hooked on the show for the long haul. The Secretary-General offers his consent, but is killed when he is viewed to be acting out of fear. [137][138][139] Controversial topics, such as racism and capitalism, were covered during episodes in the series, and were also met with positive reactions. [31] It was announced in January 2016 that Series 10 would be Steven Moffat's final series as showrunner, after which he will be replaced in the role by Chris Chibnall in 2018. While there, Bill and Nardole discover a portal which leads them to the Pentagon. Directed by Charlie Palmer. [76] A second teaser trailer was released on 25 February 2017. The series is the first to be led by Chris Chibnall as head writer and executive producer, alongside executive producers Matt Strevens and Sam Hoyle, after Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin stepped down after the tenth series.This series is the eleventh to air … When the Doctor, Bill and Nardole become trapped on a space station without oxygen, they discover the spacesuits are trying to kill them. Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 10 of 12 A hunt for the lost Ninth Roman Legion leads the Doctor, Bill and Nardole into the middle of an ancient battle that could cast humanity into the dark forever. 02:10. The Landlord reveals the whole incident was to keep his daughter, Eliza, alive. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) returns for the 10th season of this sci-fi television show, now accompanied by Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and the returning Nardole (Matt Lucas). to shed their image as the role they played on the series. [28] On 30 January 2017, Capaldi confirmed that the tenth series would be his last. Starting off as a real jerk, Vincent develops into a helpful ally whose eccentricity makes him the breakout character. [62] The sixth block began filming concurrently[41] on 16 January 2017, before concluding on 22 February 2017. New look! Elsewhere, before escaping to their TARDIS, Missy betrays the Master to help the Doctor by stabbing him in the back, triggering the regeneration process. The series received positive reviews from critics. [17] Sarah Dollard, who wrote "Face the Raven" for the ninth series also returns for an episode, as does playwright Mike Bartlett for an episode in the same production block as Dollard's. Also investigating is journalist Lucy Fletcher, and they discover that Harmony Shoal is transplanting alien brains into humans. The Doctor aims the ship towards New York earlier than planned and the collision is stopped by Grant, revealing his identity to Lucy. The Doctor The Doctor. When you first see a Dalek, your first reaction is likely to laugh. That's correct, yes. NEXT: Doctor Who: 5 Worst Things The Doctor Did To Companions (& 5 Worst They Did To Him), Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books. The new limited series is made up of five episodes – each 10 minutes in length – with the first episode arriving on the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel on 12th November. He becomes stuck on the side of a manual lock however, due to his blindness. Bill opts to stay with the Doctor, and Nardole says goodbye, taking the villagers to safety. [18][19] On 16 August 2016, it was announced that David Suchet, famous for his role in Agatha Christie's Poirot, would appear as a character known as "The Landlord" in the fourth episode, "Knock Knock". ", "Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi lifts off with new companion Bill: 'Their adventures spin out of control, "Peter Capaldi says goodbye to fans on his final day of Doctor Who filming", "BBC Three announce cast for Doctor Who spin off – Class", "Confirmed: Peter Capaldi will be appearing in 'Class'! The sixth, seventh and eighth episodes of the series, "Extremis", "The Pyramid at the End of the World", and "The Lie of the Land", constitute a three-part arc while remaining separate stories. 02:03. At the university, the Doctor speaks to Missy, who reveals Bill has to die to break the Monk's influence on Earth. [66][67][68], Filming for the spin-off series Class ran from April to September 2016, beginning before the filming for the tenth series of Doctor Who started. The Doctor surmises that the disaster was unrelated to war, but may be biochemical. Here, he plays a cynical man who happens to be an expert in vampires. [21], In October 2016, it was announced that Justin Chatwin was set to appear as a superhero in the 2016 Christmas special "The Return of Doctor Mysterio". ", "Every Series 10 Episode Title, Writer & Director So Far", "BBC tease first glimpse of new Doctor Who companion in action ahead of big reveal", "NYCC 2016: Peter Capaldi introduces Doctor Who's New Companion Bill", "Doctor Who companion Bill sees the universe anew in the series 10 trailer", "New Doctor Who trailer shows off more of Peter Capaldi's final series", "Missy returns and classic monsters rule in new Doctor Who series 10 trailer", "Doctor Who Series 10 first ep title revealed", "New Doctor Who teaser shows off a brilliant Tardis trick", "The new series of #DoctorWho begins on @BBCOne on Saturday, 15th April! This floor of the ship is a simulated countryside, where the group helps defend the villagers from the oncoming Cybermen. This is due to fans solely seeing them as their characters even years after their departure. Bill runs to the Doctor's office and they flee into the TARDIS. Elsewhere in a biochemical lab, a scientist accidentally misreads the levels of chemicals in an experiment releasing deadly biochemical bacteria. [5] On 6 April 2017, the BBC announced that John Simm would be returning in his role as the Master alongside Gomez. Those who know him only as the Doctor will be left open-jawed at Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of Malcolm Tucker, a foulmouthed “enforcer” whose rage knows no bounds. [90] The tenth series premiered on 15 April 2017 in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, on 16 April in Australia and on 17 April in New Zealand. This series is the tenth to air following the programme's revival in 2005, and is the thirty-sixth season overall. [155], This article is about the 2017 series. The new series is formatted to a 16:9 widescreen display ratio, and a standard episode … [55][56] Production on the 2016 Christmas special began on 5 September 2016 and wrapped on 30 September 2016. UNIT then shuts down Harmony Shoal, but an alien brains implants itself into a UNIT soldier. [11] Another trailer for the series premiered on 3 April 2017. The Monks now rule the planet, and to most of humanity, they appear to have been on Earth for millions of years, guiding human development. A long time ago, the Doctor is sent to execute Missy, only to have Nardole interrupt on the behest of River Song. [16], In June 2016, it was announced that Stephanie Hyam would be joining the tenth series. To be fair, the series has a bunch of actors who have appeared on. A number of the students mysteriously disappear and the groups are separated. The fluid follows them to another planet in the future, then through a Dalek battle, but survives. 7.0 (5,296) 0. Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 10 “Everything you knew was a lie.” Bold words, all things considered. Jenna Coleman - Victoria (2016-Present)The early life of Queen Victoria is detailed in this drama, as … The two take the Doctor's body back to his TARDIS, before she and Heather leave to see the universe together. The Tenth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who.He is played by David Tennant in three series as well as nine specials. The algorithm used by the company determined the crew were inefficient and thus too expensive to keep alive. For the 1972–73 season, see, List of Doctor Who episodes (2005–present), List of awards and nominations received by Doctor Who, "Doctor Who Guide: Series Ten [Season 36] (2017)", "Doctor Who: The Fan Show – The Aftershow – Episode 1", "Peter Capaldi announces he will stand down as Doctor Who at the end of the year", "Doctor Who: Pearl Mackie named as new companion", "Pearl Mackie's Doctor Who codename revealed", "Steven Moffat reveals Pearl Mackie to debut in 2017, her name and when's she's from...", "Doctor Who gets first openly gay companion", "Series 10: Nardole is a Full-Time "Non-Human" Companion", "Look Who's Back! A severely depressed woman is on the verge of taking her own life when she meets a stranger with a dark past. Bill is intrigued by a student named Heather. When things get out of hand, the situation turns into a live-or-die scenario as a “curse” haunts them. [11] Matt Lucas returned in his role as Nardole, as seen in the 2015 and 2016 Christmas specials "The Husbands of River Song" and "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", in a regular role that started from the first episode of the series,[12][13][14][15] but would not appear in every episode. While the material he had wasn’t the best, the actor does portray the role with appropriate menace. , with David Tennant having the starring role. Down in the basement they discover leases from decades ago. [36] Furthermore, he stated that the series would consist mostly of single-part stories so that the new companion, Bill Potts, could have more stories to explore her character, though two-parters would still be present in the series. 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[133] Specifically, episodes such as "Oxygen" and "Extremis" received positive reception, with critics saying that the former was a "great, thought-provoking episode",[135] whilst the latter was labelled as a unique and ambitious episode, and that "Doctor Who doesn't get better than this". With the extremely aggressive Malcolm Tucker overlooking proceedings, pretty much everything is doomed to fail. Doctor Who. After the Doctor and Nardole locate the lab, Nardole collapses following exposure to the bacteria whilst waiting in the TARDIS. Tom Baker. The Doctor is called by the Vatican to solve the mystery of a text called the Veritas, that when someone reads it dies soon after. [15] Tate Pitchie-Cooper portrayed a child version of The Landlord. The doctor and her gang arrive at the Villa Diodati at Lake Geneva in 1816 on the night that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. With numerous threats to the timeline in the universe, a team comprised of superheroes is assembled to travel at different points in time to stop major catastrophes. Jenna Coleman does have that regal look to her, which is why she comes across as the perfect casting choice for Queen Victoria. [17] Matt Lucas revealed that Jamie Mathieson was set to write the fifth episode for the series, having previously written "Mummy on the Orient Express" and "Flatline" and having co-written "The Girl Who Died". [41][42] In 2015, Gatiss had indicated that he might write a sequel for the ninth series episode "Sleep No More"; however, this was not the basis for Gatiss' episode for the tenth series. In a cairn, on a hillside, is a doorway leading to the end of the world. Other returning writers include Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Sarah Dollard, Jamie Mathieson, Peter Harness, Toby Whithouse and Mark Gatiss, as well as two new writers for the revived era, Mike Bartlett and Rona Munro, the latter of whom wrote the classic-era story Survival (1989). The TARDIS lands again in Australia, where the Doctor admits who he is. The Doctor and Bill arrive on one of Earth's first colonised planets, The Doctor and Bill find they have arrived in 1814 London, in the midst of a. The Doctor investigates the puddle, and notes that it is not a reflection, but something mimicking them. Fans unanimously loved Michelle Gomez as the evil Missy on Doctor Who, and there’s more where that performance came from in this series., All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Even when justice seems to have been served, numerous conflicts prompt further tragedies in Broadchurch. [40], In June 2016, Mark Gatiss stated he would be writing an episode for the series; later identified as the ninth episode, a change to Moffat's previous announcement that he would be writing for that particular episode. [136], The series also introduced Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, the Doctor's newest companion; Mackie has received consistently favorable comments, noting how she was "bringing an energy distinct from any previous new series companion", describing Bill as "a wonderful change of pace", and how her acting was "consistently honest, raw at times, and never, ever whimsy", with certain scenes being "guttural" and "heart-wrenching". With Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas, Kieran Bew. It introduced the Doctor and his new companion, Bill, being faced with Daleks. They locate him, but he is cooperating with the Monks. Playing the character for over seven years, she was one of the main members of the cast and returned to finish off Corday’s storylines for the series finale. [37] Moffat also wrote the 2017 Christmas special, after the tenth series had concluded. The Series 10 shoot comes to an end, and here's one of today's boards, illustrated by Peter Capaldi! Heather asks her to inspect a puddle, asking her if she can see what's wrong with her reflection. Again. Grant is also a nanny working for Lucy, who is unaware of Grant's true identity. To avoid leaks while casting the new companion, the production team used the word "Mean Town", an anagram of "Ten Woman"; this is a reference to the fact that Bill is the companion of the tenth series, and was revealed by the casting director Andy Pryor to Radio Times. He attempts to stop it, and exits the TARDIS into a snowy landscape, where he is greeted by the, Wandering back to his TARDIS at the South Pole, the First Doctor refuses to, From a hidden corner of a corridor inside a spaceship, the Doctor attempts to answer Bill's questions about their enemies, the, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 09:57. Shooting on the fourth block began on 17 October and ended on 18 November 2016. [17][52] The second episode was filmed in Valencia, Spain. Ryan Ryan. [95][96], Doctor Who's tenth series has received positive reviews. Earlier, the Doctor proposed to test Missy by having her answer a distress call. [49], On 6 March 2017, it was announced the original Mondasian Cybermen from The Tenth Planet would be returning for the finale of the tenth series. Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh Jokes About Meredith and Derek’s Beach Reunion … A one-stop shop for all things video games. In what serves as a “super department” for the government, a number of questionable characters oversee numerous on-goings of the political office. , and there’s more where that performance came from in this series. 2007 Daleks in Manhattan. Directors of the series included three who have previously worked on the show, and three brand new ones. The following tables are an overview of all the regular cast members that … Dr. Who (144 episodes, 1963-1984) Jon Pertwee. [69][70] Peter Capaldi took part in the filming of Class, and appeared in the opening episode of the spin-off series. Episode 10. Michelle Gomez Embraces Playing The Villain … That said, here are 10 actors from, Not only did Karen Gilan star in this film, she also wrote and directed it. After finding Bill, the Doctor realises that the Landlord is actually Eliza's son. His realization causes him to dematerialise. [75], The first trailer for the series was premiered at the end of the 2016 Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio". He proceeds to blow up the whole floor, killing himself. But something is dwelling in the Vatican, and doesn't want the Veritas to be read. The finale of Doctor Who series 12 is here but who’s in the cast? Since the beginning of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who in 1963, many … Directed by Daniel Nettheim. As with previous incarnations of the Doctor, the character has also appeared in other Doctor Who spin-offs.. During their adventures, the heroes are faced with challenges they need to band together to overcome. He's been a writer for Valnet since 2017, contributing 500+ articles for The Gamer, The Things, Game Rant, Comic Book Resources and Screen Rant. However, the meatier role clearly belongs to Jodie Whittaker’s Beth, who has the most dramatic flair to portray. The Doctor is called in by the Secretary-General of the U.N. after a pyramid mysteriously appears on the strategic border of the Russian, Chinese and U.S. armies. Michelle Gomez Embraces Playing The Villain … Part 1 of the 'Doctor Who' season finale premieres this Sunday at 8/7c on BBC America. In 2005, the BBC relaunched Doctor Who after a 16-year absence from episodic television, with Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Mal Young as executive producers, Phil Collinson as producer, and Christopher Eccleston taking the lead role of the Ninth Doctor.. ", "The Doctor traps a Dalek in new Doctor Who series 10 clip", "This new Doctor Who series 10 teaser is full of heart(s)", "New Doctor Who series 10 teaser sees the Doctor on a mission", "New BBC America Promotional Trailer for Doctor Who and the Class", "New Doctor Who series 10 trailer sees the Doctor start to regenerate", "Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie to attend BFI & Radio Times TV Festival", "Doctor Who News - Steven Moffat addresses Rumours of Short Series 10", "Doctor Who News - The Pilot - latest images", "Doctor Who News - BBC America Confirms Series 10 Air Date", "Doctor Who Series 10 Premiere 'The Pilot' to Screen in US Cinemas", "Doctor Who - The Return of Doctor Mysterio [DVD] [2016]", "Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio", "Doctor Who - The BBC Announces Blu-rays, DVDs for the 2016 Christmas Special", "Doctor Who - Series 10 Part 1 [DVD] [2017]", "Doctor Who - 2017 Episodes in 'The 10th Series, Part 1' and 'The 10th Series, Part 2'! Nardole locates Bill, and they search for the Doctor. However, Matt Smith’s turn as a vicious man with zero redeeming qualities is something to behold as he takes a complete 180-turn from the Doctor into a deplorable human being. Starring as the demon Lilith, her character is frequently up to no good, as her malicious intentions become increasingly dangerous by the episode. The Doctor fights off the Cybermen, but is severely wounded in the process. [134] Reaction to individual episodes have also been positive, with scores on the site ranging from 83% to 100%; four episodes of the series hold a perfect approval rating, which include the final three of the series. [32] Composer Murray Gold announced in February 2018 that he would step down as the programme's composer, having served as the musical director since 2005, and that he would not be composing the music for the eleventh series,[33] which would be instead composed by Segun Akinola. However, the meatier role clearly belongs to Jodie Whittaker’s Beth, who has the most dramatic flair to portray. They refuse, though Missy seems conflicted. The students are restored to their physical bodies as the house collapses. Yaz Yaz. Most of the crew have been killed by their smartsuits, robotic spacesuits capable of independent movement which are the only source of oxygen on the station, forcing the TARDIS crew to don spares. The main story arc for the first half of the series revolves around the Doctor and Nardole occupying themselves at a university while they guard an underground vault containing Missy.

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